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Tablescape and Florals with my friend Cass

I posted this on my photography blog but I wanted to share the loveliness here also.

One Saturday in July my friend Cass and I got together at my house and used teapots from the Goodwill, flowers from the produce market, and my antique china and stemware to create a tablescape.

I must say Cass out did herself for throwing this together in an afternoon.

Teapots : Good Will
Linen : Napkins from Etsy and Tablecloth from Crate and Barrel purchased two years ago.
China :  Antique - my husband's great grandmother's china
Stemware: Inherited from my grandmother
Silverware : Sourced from Bed, Bath, and Beyond a couple of years ago
Candles: Ikea purchased last year

Cass at work opening up the roses.


Inspiration from Mrs. Obama

Michelle Obama wore a similar dress to a celebration honoring Paul McCartney with the Gershwin Prize.

I am trying to rationalize purchasing it for myself even though I have no where to wear it.

Do you think its a bit much to wear just around the house?


San Fransico Sneak Peek Photo

Sneak Peek of a photo from our recent vacation to San Fransico.

1. Yes I am wearing a cat hat.
2. My husband didn't want to take the picture.
3. Husband hates the cat hat.
4. Cat hat came in handy since it was so cold and windy.
5. Cat hat is Kick A** Adorable.


Back from vacation and totally inspired

Roe and I are back after a week in beautiful and chilly San Fransico.  I have over 700 photos to go through and edit from our trip! Quite a task ahead of me.  But before I share with you any of our photos, which quite frankly may take me a while to go through, I want to share with you images from an artist whose gallery we came across in Sonoma during our wine country tour. Both Roe and I are were totally captivated by her images with their bold vivid color and their ability to capture the beauty of everyday people and moments from other cultures.  We walked through the gallery and around every turn you could hear us utter "WOW" in hushed tones. There are very few artists whose work moves me enough to say that I want one of their pieces, but with Lisa Kristine I want all of her pieces! After visiting the gallery Roe and I have decided to save to invest in one of her larger prints.  I am so excited about the prospect of on day owning one of her works.

I highly encourage you to take a stop by her website  and view her visually stunning work, and if you are so lucky to be in the Sonoma area also pay a visit to her gallery.


Oh Jack how I long for thee

Since the weather has gotten warmer my longing for a little canine companion has just gotten stronger. My husband and I went to a breeder this past winter after falling in love with two little King Charles Cavalier  spaniels we saw on our honeymoon. We decided to hold off on getting the new addition to our family till we move to our next house (which will fingers crossed be early next year and which is a whole bowl of anxiety since we have to get through selling our current home first). And even though we don't have our puppy yet I have already decided on a name and am anxiously waiting on the day when we can enjoy walks, cuddle together, and I will have his little anxious face greet me at the door.

So until that day comes Gentleman Jack  just know there is someone longing for you with an excited and loving heart.


Simple Summer Pleasure

Ahhhhh refreshing!


Fueling My Bag and Etsy obsession

I have an obsession with etsy and an obsession with bags. So I squel with delight when I am able to merge both.

I blogged about Boopa Loopa a couple of weeks ago after thinking her bags were perfect for travel and stuffing all your goodies and distractions needed for a flight. I am always looking for something striking and different  for a travel bag and for something that can haul a lot of my stuff  (Kindle, magazines, snacks, medicine, etc). This bag did not disappoint.

Peta (owner of Boopa Loop)a makes the bags from vintage fabrics and they are truly one of a kind. I was so pleased to hear that I have one of only two and the other is with someone in Ireland. How tres exclusive!

I couldn't wait for our trip to San Fran later this month and I have been rocking it around Philly for the past 2 weeks.  I secretly take pleasure in saying "It's from Amsterdam and I have the only one in the States." (Yes I have an inner snob. LOL)

Pictured here fresh out of the packaging when it arrived 2 weeks ago.


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